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"Aphrodite today"

Galina Dimitrova Galinsky

Lives and works at

Born Aug.1985


06.08.1985 - born in Sofia, Bulgarien 2000-2004 - national gymnasium for fine art „Ilia Petrov“, Sofia, Bulgaria 2007-2014 - studies at Kunstakademie Duesseldorf in the class of Prof. Markus Luepertz and Prof Tal R, Duesseldorf, Germany 2013 - master student degree from Tal R 02.2014- graduate degree at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Exhibition: 01, 2017- "Mord ins Museum", Sparkasse Karlsruhe Award, Germany (G) 07, 2016- „Tastin’ Waters“, Galerie Priska Pasquer, Köln (G) 06, 2016- „No Resistent“, Water tower art fest, Sofia, Bulgaria (G) 06, 2016- „Augenfällig/fresh positions“, BBK Düsseldorf, Germany (G) 06, 2016- Scenography for the Diplomfilm „Lilith“ von Evgenia Filipova 01, 2015- „You’re Just too Good to be True“, CFA Galery, Berlin, Germany (G) 06, 2014- Finalist selection, „The Paper in contemporary Art“, Jordan Parushev Foundation Award with Exhibition in: 06, 2014- Gallery „Sirak i Skitnik“, Sliven, Bulgaria (G) 08, 2014- Gallery „Raiko Aleksiev“, Sofia, Bulgaria (G) 10, 2014- „Raphael Miheilov“, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (G) 01, 2015- Bulgaria Culture Center in Paris, French (G) 04, 2014- „Kickstart“, Gallery W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands 06, 2013- „Missliche Lagen“, Jagla Gallery, Cologne, Germany (G) 05, 2013- Black Box Kino Duesseldorf, student films from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany (G) 05, 2013- „Totale“ , Maschinenhaus Essen, Essen, Germany (G) 02, 2013- premiere of „End of Time“ („Endzeit“), animation sequence for the Film of Sebastian Fritzsch and Georg Tiefenbach, Berlinale, Berlin 08, 2012- „Class of Tal R“, Filmwerkstadt, Duesseldorf, Germany (G) 06, 2012- screening of „Weather Protocol“, Sarajevo Film Fest, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 06, 2012- „Bann über Mord“ Muehlengasse, Duesseldorf, Germany (G) 03, 2012- Award „Sofia Short Challenge“ with the Film „Weather Protocol“, at Sofia Film Fest, with Screening in Gabrovo und Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Sarajevo Film Fest, Bosnia and Herzegovina 10, 2011- „Eiskeller“, Galery „Hefentor 7“, Hamburg, Germany (G) 10, 2011- „Mein Esel und Ich“, art society Pffafenhofen, Germany (G)


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