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Ten Billion New City
Ten Billion New City

Lanqing Zhu

Lives and works at Xiamen,China

Born 09/01/1991


Zhu Lan Qing, 1991 born in Dongshan Island,China, lives and works in Xiame now.She graduated from the Department of Photojournalism at Renmin University of China and then moved to Taiwan to study at the Institute of Applied Arts in Fujen Catholic University.Her work, most related to the home and place, have been published in many magazines and websites like IMA,GUP,IPA and shown at different international art festivals like Rencontres-Arles International Photo Festival,Format International Photography Festival, ECHIGO-TSUMARI Art Field. She is interested in the possibilities of the presentation of photography especially handmade book.Her first book was selected in the list of Photoeye’s Best Books of 2012.Her second book A Journey in Reverse Direction won the Three Shadows Photography Award 2014 and Jimei X Arles Discovery Award 2015.She also won the Barcelona International Photography Award 2015 and Photo Boite 30 UNDER 30 2016.She just finished an artist residency program in Switzerland for three months supported by FDDM.You can check more information on her website:www.zhulanqing.com.


The project Ten Billion New City is about a resort and estate project taken place in Dongshan Island,China in the 90s. Ten Billion New City is the name of this resort and estate project .Before the construction began, developers from Hong Kong promised to invest 30 billion dollars in a period of 15 years, building high-end villas, restaurants, discos, saunas and equestrian training schools. At the first period of this project, the island was populated with hotels and tourist facilities then. However, for various economic and political reasons, the project was abandoned midway, facing the same grim fate of countless development projects in China. Many newly built resort hotels were demolished, leaving acres of vacant lands, now overgrown with weeds.The project examines the transformation of a simple island into a tourist destination, and its impact on the islanders. Ten Billion New City symbolizes the golden era of Dongshan Island, where rows of seafront hotels overlooking the city welcome tourists from around the world. Now the city is no longer bustling. I wanted to document the current situation of the city, not only through my photographs but also by collecting old photographs about this resort from local residents’ s family albums. I am also collecting promotional brochures and sales catalogues, in an attempt to recreate the gilded age of the island – a rather short-lived dream of prosperity. Through these images, I wanted to visualize the relationship between rural development and the local residents, and understand how a island-city’s image is constructed.

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