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take a day off and go shopping
daily signs "gambling"
too big to fail

Roy Andres Hofer

Vivo y trabajo en Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Fecha de nacimiento 27.02.1976


CV 1976 Born in Basel, works and lives in Rheinfelden AG 1994 Swiss certificate Master of Lithography 1997 School for arts Basel 2000 High School for arts Zuerich 1999 Residency in Santa Barbara, USA / 2000 Field study in Tokio, Japan 2012 Organizer CAMPBASEL during Art Basel 2013 Organizer ONEsize Artshow during Art Basel 2012 Founder ARTspaceSWITZERLAND offspace for contemporary art 2014 CoFounder Circle for artists International artists network 2015 CoFounder a-space artist-run-collective 2017 Organizer CAMPBASELrevisited during Art Basel 2017 Collaboration with Kunsthallekleinbasel for YIA art fair Basel Groupexhibition (selection) 2000 Gallery Artone, Zürich / 2001 Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf / 2003 Kunsthaus BL, Muttenz / 2006 Gallery Arsprototo, Erlangen / 2007 Kunstverein Halle, Halle (Saale) / 2008 Gallery Artspace NY, New York / 2009 Center for digital arts, Los Angeles / Museum of fine Arts Tallahassee, Florida / Jungkunst, Winterthur / 2010 Gallery Rowan, Philadelphia / Gallery TAMM, Estonia / 2011 Galerie the invisible dog, New York / 2012 Gallery Labirinto Contemp., Vilamoura / CAMPBASEL, Basel / KUNSTLOKAL, Rheinfelden / 2013 Gallery KOWA, Tokyo / Drop D project, Sintra / Offene Ateliers, Rheinfelden / Kuckucks Labrador, Basel / Gallery Art Cube Trading, M’stein / 2014 Minamoto ART+DINEVol.1.2.3, Basel / ARTspace at Tapas del Mar, Zürich / Photobastei, Zürich, / Gallery Kategory, Genève / Gallery GUM, Moscow / Studio Grigio, Davos / 2015 Art Passage, Basel / Tasu artspace, Tokyo / Kunstsalon, Zürich / ARTmeetsCHARITY, Basel / DEVE Gallery Moscow / 2016 KUNSTLOKAL, Rheinfelden / Teiggi „Networked“, Kriens / Popup show with PAPER gallery „Into the deep woods“, Luzern, Basel, Manchester / 2017 Espacio Alexandra Gallery, Santander, Spain / Ainori Gallery Lisboa, Portugal / MrCuttle Sydney-Shanghai Art fair 2013 ART EDITION, Seoul, South Korea / 2014 CUTLOG, New York, USA / Art COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark / 2015 Kölner Liste art fair, Cologne, Germany / Art COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark / Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary / SWAB Barcelona, Spain / SLICK art fair Paris, France / 2016 SetUp Bologna, Italy / Room Art Fair Madrid, Spain / 2017 SetUp Bologna, Italy / Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary / theothers art fair, Torino, Italy / YIA art fair Basel Award 1994 Schweppes Art Edition / 1999 Auction Sothebys New York / 2011 Celeste Network Selektion / 2012 Selection to the collections of Hendrik Folkerts und Nicolas Trembley / 2013 public winner Publication June 1994 Art Basel catalogue / June 2012 Basler Zeitung / Blick am Abend / Radio Energy / July 2012 Basellandschaftliche Zeitung / Baslerstab / November 2012 Basellandschaftliche Zeitung / Neue Fricktaler Zeitung / Artonline / Kunstbulletin March 2013 Kunstbulletin / November 2013 Basler Zeitung / December 2013 Basler Zeitung / Wochenblatt M’stein / Art Edition catalogue / April 2014 ARTINFO / ARTprice / CUTLOG NYC catalogue / July 2014 Neue Fricktaler Zeitung September 2014 Fricktal Info / September 2015 KUNSTEN.NU / October 2015 SWAB Barcelona catalogue and TV, AMB Budapest catalogue, Slick Paris catalogue, Up and Coming artists network Switzerland / January 2016 SetUp art fair catalogue / 2017 Myartguide Art Basel

Descripción del trabajo

Media images are with us everywhere, being both integral facets and isolated reflections of today’s globalized world. This paradox is the essence of the Royglobalized series, which focuses on those processes and structures of worldwide marketing, media and politics that both shape and confuse our modern environment and our individual selves. “Roy” challenges us not so much by the artist’s own presence, but rather as a compelling individual experience and feeling of personal consternation over the trends of globalization. Roy Andres Hofer shows these complicated mechanisms in a sometimes documentary, sometimes fictional way through ordinary, everyday glimpses of our world which force us to question ourselves and our own social assumptions.

Tina Prize - Roma Artists Tina Prize - Berlin Artists Tina Prize - Bercelona Artists